Mini Grant Information

We're a non-profit charitable organization
that supports the families and persons with Down Syndrome.

Please read the information below prior to completing your Mini-Grant request.

 All mini grant requests will be subject to approval by the Board.

To help us achieve our mission, the DSAHR is offering this educational and recreational mini grant program.

Members of the DSAHR can apply for a $200 mini grant to help with educational and recreational costs that impact the life and well being of the member with Down syndrome. There are a limited number of grants.

To be eligible for the use of this Mini Grant Program, members must volunteer at one DSAHR event or function per calendar year (minimum of 2 hours).

In order for us to be able to provide all these wonderful services and enable us to add more in the future, we need support from our members.

Volunteering for the group builds a stronger community through fellowship as we all work towards a common goal of improving lives of people with Down syndrome.

There are many areas in which our group needs help (Buddy walk, annual holiday party, golf tournament, family nights, just to name a few).
When you volunteer please bring the attached DSAHR Volunteer Service Verification Form with you to the event/function.

A board member will sign off on the form verifying your service at the event.

Members that have met the volunteer service requirements are eligible to submit only one application per year, but can combine receipts to total a maximum of $200.

If a family has more than one member with Down syndrome, they may apply for one grant for each person with Down syndrome. However, only one $200 mini-grant will be awarded for each two (2) hours of volunteer service.

In the event a grant is not awarded, the request does not roll over to the next year. Receipts submitted must be for the current calendar year.

Online Mini-Grant Request Application
Grants will be awarded on a reimbursement basis ONLY.

Below are some examples of mini grant eligible expenses. It is impossible to list everything, so if you have a question about an expense not listed, please ask.
• Educational mini grants • Costs for DS conferences/workshops • DS education resources • Recreational mini grants • Day camps • Overnight camps • Dance, yoga, swim or karate lessonsRemember that you can submit only one application per year for a maximum reimbursement of $200.

Example of eligible applications: Submit application in June for the following: $25 workshop in January, $125 workshop in February, and $25 education materials purchased in June = $200

Example of non-eligible applications: Submit an application in February for $100 for karate lessons. The $100 is eligible and was paid. Then in June, submit a second application for $100 for dance class. The second application for $100 is ineligible for reimbursement and will not be paid. Only one application per year is permitted. To request a mini grant application and volunteer serivice verification form, please contact our office manager, Donna Robel, at (757)466-DOWN(3696) or

Click here to download a Microsoft Word copy of the form to fill out and submit it via e-mail to

Online form coming soon!